Participating in Tønsberg 2020

Tønsberg Boatrace will take place from 7 to 9th of August 2020. It will be our 7th edition.
We started with an Int Ordinary event for F2 back in 2014, then 5 years in a row we hosted the UIM F2 World Championship. We are introducing a new raceformat for F2 and we are proud to be the first International organizer under these difficult conditions. Covid 19 has more or less distroyed the international powerboat season 2020 says Frode Sundsdal.

Everybody CAN RACE !

Most of the participating nations is of 22/7 – 2020 green. Portugal and Sweden is red, but we have made arrangements for pilots and teams to be tested, so If you want to race, we can organize it. Government has made an effort to help us even here. If your coming from Sweden or Portugal, make sure to liase with us, so we can get it all organized. Team members who will work on your boat will also be allowed in to Norway.
Follow for general travel updates here : FHI 

License for Tønsberg

For Tønsberg Boatrace 2020 u only need an International license from your country, and an start permission from your federation.


If you have an aproved Turtletest from 2019 u can race with it. UIM has extended it !